Our aims

The mission of the Children's Creative Center Wroclaw is to create a space for enriching core personal values via culturalacctivities, accessible to all, and to foster the development of children's creativity.

The Wroclaw Centre for Children’s Creativity was founded in October 1998 by Małgorzata Strońska-Zaremba. The essence of our Foundation activities is shaping children’s creative personalities using activities in various fields of art. It is to our belief that every child possesses both recognized and unrecognized talents, artistic gifts and it is instructor’s task to reveal child’s true potential and to present situations where creative mind can be nurtured. Activities are conducted by highly qualified pedagogues and artist with great teaching experience.

Our aims:

To support the development of the child's personality through participation in workshops on various fields of art.
To prevent the cultural and social exclusion.
To create a new space for creative activities for children and young adults.
To use arts to teach children to make good judgments about qualitative relationships
To help children learn to say what cannot be said
To prepare children and youth for conscious and active participation in culture.

How do we work?

We organize drama, art, dance and music workshops.
We are running theatre and visual arts workshops for socially disadvantaged groups.
We are running variety of shows and puppet shows for children and families and schools.
We support charity activities in hospitals and orphanages.
We organize and implement international integration theatre projects.

We believe in world that all Children have access to non-formal education, including cultural education and grow up to be happy, creative and morally sensitive people.

Contact details:

PHONE: 0048 71 341 80 02

ul. Kuźnicza 29a
Wrocław, Dolnośląskie 50-138